June 6

16th May – HJC Interview Candidates at the Weekend…With Great Results

June 6
Work Life Balance signpost
So if some of you follow us on twitter you will realise that there are times when Natalie and I interview candidates at the weekend. When we were in the planning phases of the HJC launch we discussed having this flexibility to offer candidates and so we have tested it out in the first few months with great success. It has meant that those senior level candidates that we require for certain roles are able to meet with us when is most convenient for them. Also, it is an even better test of commitment if a candidate is prepared to give up some of their weekend in order to be part of one of our processes. We have had some great feedback from candidates in terms of our flexible approach and how accommodating we are. It means that candidates don’t have to take time off work and to be honest, they perform better in the interview as they are generally more relaxed at the weekend. We would be interested to hear your thoughts as to whether this would be a point of attraction to apply for a role through us OR to use us on a client basis…
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