• Manufacturing

    Having started in manufacturing and engineering recruitment, the founders of Handley James see this as where they have built their foundation. The manufacturing sector is interesting, evolving and is always looking for a “better way” of doing things. It is that we have evolved our processes to mirror that of the manufacturing sector. Our honesty and transparency give us a distinct advantage and we owe that to the different manufacturing industries that we have recruited into.

    We are consultative in the truest sense of the word. We are realistic in our approach and this is something that has stood us in good stead over the years that we have recruited into this sector.

  • Chemical

    The success of Handley James in other manufacturing sectors has led us to create Handley James – Chemical, focusing on providing the best talent in the chemical space. Headed up by Stuart, Director of Chemical, we work closely with you, our client partners, to understand your business, your culture and exactly what you are looking for from a recruitment partner. This allows us to provide a tailored solution and ultimately results in finding the best talent for your brand.

    Having an in-depth knowledge of the Chemical sector is imperative to providing a bespoke, quality search service to you, the client. Our Director of Chemical, Stuart, has established a strong reputation in this marketplace and has an excellent understanding of the industry.
    Covering the UK and International landscape we provide true search methodology across a multitude of disciplines from mid to executive level, these include:

    • Engineering
    • Operations
    • Director Level & International
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Technical & NPD
    • Procurement & Supply Chain

    We believe that most recruitment consultancies drive a KPI culture that is not quality but volume and financially driven; here at Handley James – Chemical we consider quality and care as the most vital elements of the service we provide and this applies to clients and candidates.
    We don’t utilise pressure tactics, we operate a mature and respectful consultation process where your decisions are accepted and more importantly, respected.

    We also understand that every candidate is different and wants different things from a career, because of this we ensure that we take the time to understand exactly what you, the candidate, is looking for when representing you in the market. We take the time to understand your needs, expectations, and personal goals, and what is important to you when joining a new business.

  • Food & FMCG

    Fast paced, innovative and brand led. The FMCG sector is constantly evolving and as a result they are constantly evolving their recruitment practices. We have worked with some innovative businesses on search, interim and headhunting exercises. We have succeeded in creating some strong partnerships with these businesses across sales, marketing, supply chain and executive roles. Acting as an advocate to their brand we act as business representatives, not just as a recruitment partner.

  • Fenestration

    Having gained a proven reputation in adding value to the growing SME manufacturers in the window and door manufacturing arena, we at Handley James, are able to support growth, succession planning and talent acquisition in this fast paced and entrepreneurial industry sector. We ensure that we fully understand the values of your business in order to ensure we make a strong cultural match rather than one that is based purely on technical competence.
    Our integrity means that we will consult with you proactively to ensure that you are resourcing your growth trajectory correctly. We won’t allow you to panic hire, we will consult, coach and facilitate effective long term hiring strategies for you.

  • Building Services & Facilities Management

    The ever changing building services and facilities management market means that highly skilled professionals are required, often with short lead times attached. We are able to support businesses in planning ahead, based on contract conversion in order to ensure that they succession plan and recruit at the correct times. It is a challenging market in terms of candidate generation and we work tirelessly to ensure that clients receive the best service in the most realistic timescales.

    The FM marketplace has experienced significant growth across its different disciplines and we have been able to apply our headhunting service in order to support the growth of those businesses. We have been involved in succession planning and complete restructures for FM businesses across the UK. These can be challenging but rewarding exercises that require a balance of Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition and Interim Solutions.

  • Logistics & Distribution

    With over 16 years experience in Logistics and Supply Chain recruitment; Handley James are well placed to service a vast array of requirements for Retailers, 3PLs and Distributors. With the ever changing market conditions across the logistics sector, it is imperative that a creative and innovative approach is taken in both recruiting and retaining strong candidates. Specialising in middle and senior management roles within this sector we pride ourselves on our established network of contacts that we can draw on to ensure that we are providing you with the correct level of intelligence from the market in real time.