Search & Selection One

At the heart of our recruitment offering is a search service that remains consistent and effective. We proactively source candidates on a bespoke basis to our clients requirements.

We carry out client consultations, interview candidates face to face and provide statistical based updates on assignment progress. This process is proven. It works, plain and simple.  

This process is proven.

It works, plain and simple”

Headhunting Two

We tend to source quite specialist candidates for specialist roles. This often requires innovation and creativity. The days of an abundance of good quality ad response are well and truly over. We have an experienced resource team that deploys specialist techniques to generate, contact and engage with key talent across the different sectors we work on behalf of.

This approach ensures that you, the client,

has access to the best possible talent available.  

Confidential Search Four

There are many occasions when a client requires a confidential search process. This may be due to acquisitional growth, succession planning or classified project procurement. We operate a bespoke confidential service which can accommodate such assignments which includes off site interview venue scheduling, nom de plume searches, NDA composition and discreet invoice processes.

MAM - Multiple Assignment Management One

Following M&A activity or, as a result of a growth trajectory, there is often the need to recruit a suite of positions. At Handley James we are able to manage multiple assignments and do so frequently. With an experienced Leadership Team and a squad of efficient resourcers, we are able to manage multiple roles in tandem or succession dependent on your hiring strategy.

We have an

experienced Leadership Team

and a squad of

efficient resourcers


Reliable, credible and honest

We are here for you.

We work closely with our key clients on succession planning and talent acquisition projects. We meet with CEOs, MDs and Business Owners to understand their current state and future state from an operational and growth point of view. From there we work closely with their senior management team and HR functions to effectively plan the succession of said growth. 


This will ensure that development plans can be implemented for those within that plan, we then support any outstanding gaps from a talent acquisition point of view. 


Talent Acquisition is an ongoing project that is structured through direct search, proactive headhunting and well placed networking. Through these techniques we are able to provide our retained clients with the strongest candidates who can add value and be an intrinsic part of their growth plan.


We source, qualify, court and commit to candidates in order to ensure that you, the client, has a constant stream of talent to select from. 

Behavioural Profiling

At Handley James we are have strong opinions on how absolutely vital behavioural fit is when considering your hiring strategy. We are able to provide some of the most advanced personality profile reports available anywhere, with each report completely tailored to the specifics of a person’s profile. 

We are able to interpret the results and provide a report that is transparent and extremely easy to understand. We are able to provide relationship assessments between team members as well as Team building assessments in order to support a business in building and sustaining high performing teams.