Contract Recruitment Services

Handley James Contracting was launched in spring 2019. Following requests from a number of our existing clients to support them with their skilled contractor requirements. That coupled with the ambition of Peter and Natalie to further grow the Handley James group, and the partnership with Ian Morgan, a recruiter with over 20 years experience in the industry.


Ian is a like-minded individual who has a real passion for recruitment who shares the same values and passion for wanting to provide a quality driven, bespoke solution to his clients and candidates alike. With expertise in supplying a wide range of contractors and high level interim roles across a broad spectrum of industries.

High Level Interims One

Whether you are looking to plug an urgent gap, strengthen a project team or support a change programme. Our Interim management team understand that when it comes to dealing with an interim requirement, ensuring sourcing the right skills and experience, in addition to understanding the culture and intricacies of the company, help us find the right fit for your business.
Our process involves obtaining a detailed description of your requirement including (where relevant) a site visit/tour. We understand that interim requirements require a quick turnaround and utilising the latest and most effective candidate attraction platforms and our comprehensive understanding of the requirement is key to us delivering a timely and effective solution.

We understand that interim
requirements require a
quick turnaround.

Skilled Contractors

Reliance on contract recruitment has become an integral part of modern business strategies and has resulted in a significant increase in contract recruiters emerging. The basic principles of an effective contract agency are to provide a candidate(s) with a niche set of skills. Once a client has established a need for a skilled contractor, speed and efficiency become vitally important.


Here at Handley James we understand the need for day one productivity. We agree a cost and time frame from the outset so that we can set about finding the right contractor for your business. We understand that some requirements are unforeseen and critically urgent, and our resourcing team’s responsibility is to regularly source skilled contractors and maintain an ongoing understanding of their availability in order that we can respond as effectively as possible to your requirement.


In addition to this we invest in the latest contractor sourcing platforms to give us unrivalled access to the best contractors in the UK.        

Fixed Term Requirements

Fixed Term requirements are effective in assessing the suitability of a candidate in a way in which they are well integrated into your business At Handley James we understand the need for candidate integration on some interim/contract roles and the Fixed Term approach is one that is effective in achieving this. At Handley James, we manage FTRs as a mini perm assignment with a full brief and site tour including in the initial meeting.

We facilitate digital interviewing in order to maintain F2F interviewing quality with the pace and urgency that an FTR requires.