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June 6

18th April 2015 – Wow….

June 6
wow 2 Well this month is turning out to be a very interesting one. Peter and I have had lots of positive encouragement up to now. I mean don’t get me wrong, we have had our critics too and some of that has been really useful for us because we have been able to take it on board and tweak our approach and methods accordingly. However, nothing quite prepared either of us for how much interest we would receive so quickly from manufacturers on our unique approach. It’s looking like we will need to bring our growth plans forward in comparison to our initial plan but here we prefer to secure the contracts prior to making decisions on further investment. We have a manufacturing client in Lancashire who is exactly the same. “Win the business then map out how we will facilitate it”. A much safer and more sensible way of doing business and at the stage of our business growth it’s definitely the correct strategy. Anyway, it looks like we will have another venture we will be launching this year….keep an eye on my blog for further details…
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