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June 6

2nd May 2015 – Confidential Recruitment Strategies

June 6
Confidential 2 This is something that HJC have been very heavily involved in this year. We have lots of clients who we are working with very closely on new ventures, growth strategies and talent mergers. All of these require absolute confidentiality and require such sensitivity as well. I am not referring to performance management situations or disciplinary cases here, but positive expansion plans for manufacturers who require assistance and support in how to manage this internally as well as how, or even whether, to promote these changes externally. We are really enjoying being a part of these assignments. Working cross functionally with manufacturing leaders and even different manufacturers to ensure that they formulate the best strategy for their business, promote in the correct manner and then how to assess their internal talent as well as succession plan their growth through external resource. These assignments are such a strong sign that UK Manufacturing is thriving and that they are actually becoming so much more aware of how to manage these situation so as not to disenfranchise their current teams and instead they are really receptive in involving them in the process. An inclusive and cohesive growth and recruitment strategy is one that succeeds and, more importantly, is sustained.
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