March 23

4 Proven Ways to Retain Employees in Manufacturing

March 23

Why Employee Retention is Crucial in the Manufacturing Industry
Employee retention is essential for any business, but especially for those in the manufacturing industry. Not only does it help to ensure that the company has a stable workforce, but it also helps to reduce costs associated with hiring and training new employees. 

  • Handley James have partaken in workshops and blogs supporting retention which feedback has been remarkably positive.
  • We ask clients what their onboarding plans are for the first few weeks as we know these inductions and meeting the team really early on will make them feel happy, confident and comfortable within their new role and ultimately make them feel like they made the right decision to move into the role.
  • Have you asked your employees if they are happy? This is key! Maybe create an anonymous survey to ask questions you feel people may not be as open face to face. Sometimes the smallest change is what they are looking for and would make them feel appreciated. 
  • Money - when we discuss retention it normally is always followed up with salary reviews and this is not the case anymore. Of course it is sometimes a factor but from speaking to candidates first hand we hear more and more that if their current employer would offer flexible working, showed more appreciation and offered them a career path this is the motivators to move. Some of these motivators could you your reason to retain them.

4 proven ways to retain employees in manufacturing:

1: Establishing a Positive Company Culture & Work Environment
A positive company culture starts with strong leadership that sets the tone for how employees should interact with each other and how they should approach their work.

  • Open, honest conversations - allow them. Allow each member of staff to speak to you about their child's Easter Bonnet Parade and of course they can be 30 minutes late to work so they can watch this. If people feel they can ask for these things it creates a strong relationship with them and the company showing you appreciate the work they do and know they will still manage their work responsibilities.
  • Team building days? 
  • Simply saying thank you for giving a little positive feedback on recent work.

Strategy 2: Invest in Training & Education Programs to Boost Employee Morale
Investing in training and education programs is an effective way to boost employee morale. By providing employees with access to resources and tools that help them develop their skills, employers can create a more positive work environment. 

  • A lot of candidates start to look when they feel like they have hit a ceiling in their career path and are then open to the idea of looking elsewhere at a company who could provide this.
  • Ask regularly in review meetings if there is an area they would like to develop. There are support packages available to back employees in further training.

Strategy 3: Offer Competitive Employee Compensation and Benefits Packages
Through our experience of the manufacturing industry, companies must offer competitive employee compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the best talent. 

  • Hybrid, Flexibility, Increased Annual Leave - Speak to the candidate and see what their motivators are. Handley James are always keen to feedback to the client what candidates are on currently and what competitors are offering in comparison.

Strategy 4: Develop Clear Career Paths and Opportunities for Advancement

With a proper career path, employees feel more engaged and committed to the organization, leading to higher productivity and better outcomes.It also helps companies to attract the best talent by providing them with an attractive career ladder.

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