February 29

4 Ways To Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day 

February 29

What is National Employee Appreciation Day and Why Celebrate It? 

Celebrated on the 3rd March, employers around the world make the extra effort to appreciate their employees' effort and dedication. It’s also a great way to add value to your employer brand AKA if you’re recruiting or looking to recruit in the near future, it’s a chance to showcase your company culture on social media etc. 

  1. A Special Celebration Breakfast or Lunch 
    Everyone loves a freebie, especially when it comes to food. Show your team that you appreciate them with pizza, donuts or whatever they choose. 
  1. A Chance to Put Their Skills on Display 
    You hired your employees for their different skill sets and personalities, right? Give them a chance to share their skills by hosting bitesize workshops like “my role explained in 2 minutes”.  
  1. An “Employee of the Month” Award Ceremony 
    Employee of the Month is commonplace in lot of companies, have you incorporated it into yours yet? Use the appreciation day to recognise employees going the extra mile. 
  1. Treat Your Employees to a Company Outing or Retreat  
    Whether it’s a fine dining meal, a spa day or team building kayaking experience (you know the type), employee appreciation day can be a great excuse to have some fun together! 

Our Handley James team celebrate wins big and small. Personal or work related we like to work as a close nit family all of the time, if it is sharing Netflix reccomendations or praising eachothers little ones after parents evening.  
Feeling underapriciated is a huge factor in candidates looking for another job so think about how you can make your employees feel appriciated every day. A small bit of praise can go a long way. 

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