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June 6

4th April 2015 A Unique and Refreshing Client Meeting…

June 6
On Friday we went to meet with a new client that was really unique. This manufacturer is very specialist and makes a bespoke product range, but what was most refreshing about this organisation is how transparent, honest, down to earth and realistic they were. It was great to meet with a client who knew of our reputation already and were receptive to our advice and guidance. They knew they required an Operations Manager to enable and facilitate growth and change management but they also recognised that at their current size and scale they needed a certain type of leader and change agent who would progress at a comfortable pace, one that they as a board were happy with and one that they knew their workforce would be receptive to. They were clear around the non-negotiables of the type of person they required but we were really able to consult with them on the recruitment process. The fit and chemistry with the new hire would be key, so behavioural profiling would be an absolute essential in the process and the HR Director was a massive advocate of this also…which was an easy win for both parties. We took the brief, agreed the spec, discussed the rates at a mutually commercial rate and mapped out the project for them. We really gelled with the key decision makers of this organisation which means, even though it’s the first time we will recruit for the company, we know we will get the fit right because our process will ensure this and we totally understood each other. Really looking forward to working with this client and fulfilling their requirement.
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