July 27

Candidate Case Study: Dekko

July 27

Candidate Name: Ian Brown

Current Title: General Manager

Company Name: Dekko Windows

Industry: Fenestration

What was the role that Handley James approached you about in relation to Dekko?
Head of Operational Improvement

How well did Handley James try to understand your experience and what you were looking for?
Very well. I initially met with Peter to discuss a different role, some time before the Dekko role became available, the conversation was broad and searching but relaxed and informal. I think this approach enabled me to get across my experience and aspirations in a very free flowing manner. A few months later, I was approached by Natalie to discuss the Dekko role. Again, the interview process was relaxed but probing, the portrayal of Dekko as a company and its ambitions was communicated clearly, openly and honestly, and with passion. It was obvious Natalie knew Dekko very well, and had a lot of respect for them, which I took as a very positive sign.

What impressed me most was that I was remembered as a viable candidate, when a lot of agencies in my experience forget candidates once a job has been completed.

Also, I admittedly am not a fan of being interviewed, but the way both Peter and Natalie handled the meetings, was great.

What are the top 3 factors that stood out to you in relation to the recruitment process?
Communication – always being kept up to date on progress, and the calls after securing the job, to see how things were going.

Compassion – I think Handley James know that interviews can be stressful, but the ease at which they put you, really helps yo9u to project your experiences, knowledge and aspirations.

Professionalism – It was a sheer pleasure working with Handley James. Importantly you could also tell there was masses of experience in the sector to be able to talk comfortably about Dekko.

How long have you now worked for Dekko?
2 Years

How successful has the move been for your career?
Extremely successful. My ambition has always been to reach the position of General Manager / MD. Roles I have been working towards for 25 years. This I have now achieved. However, more importantly, it is with a company that is successful, ambitious, and has a great team steering it, and a really bright future.

Would you recommend Handley James?
Most definitely. From a recruitment point of view, and a job search point of view. Their knowledge of business, their personal approach, their thoroughness, just makes the process so much easier, and the support they offer when you probably don’t exactly know what you are after, they can fill in the gaps, or offer relative advice.

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