July 27

Candidate Case Study: Platinum Stairlifts

July 27

Candidate Name: Damian Keating.

Current Title: Head of Production Improvement.

Company Name: Platinum Stairlifts.

Stairlifts 4 products:
1 Twin rail fabricated stairlift
1 Single rail fabricated stairlift
1 Single rail extruded aluminium stairlift
1 Authorised used fabricated stairlift

What was the role that Handley James approached you about in relation to Platinum Stairlifts?
Ci & Process Engineering Lead.
Heading up the process improvements & lean manufacturing projects, responsible for driving efficiencies & improvements through the manufacturing sites.

How well did Handley James try to understand your experience and what you were looking for?
First contacted using LinkedIn. Sent the information around the role advertised. Once I informed Handley James I was interested in the role telephone contact was made with the conversation around:
• My personality, likes & dislikes in & out of the working environment.
• My current role & position.
• How I would like to shape the future of my career.
• Working background, experience & successes.

What are the top 3 factors that stood out to you in relation to the recruitment process?
• Humanity - I have talked to recruiters in the past & the felling is always about moving people into different positions. The feeling I received with Handley James was the right person to the right role.
• Professionalism – Although there was a friendly approach from the team at Handley James I couldn’t fault their professionalism in any way.
• Contact – From the first contact to follow up calls after being in the position for a few months, Handley James go the extra mile with their clients.

How long have you now worked for Platinum Stairlifts?
One year Seven months.

How successful has the move been for your career?
I would say the move has been very successful. It has given me chance to broaden my skills & knowledge. Have more experience managing / leading people. The move has led to a promotion as Head of Production.

Would you recommend Handley James?
Without doubt.

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