September 1

Client Case Study: Gericke Ltd

September 1

Company Name: Gericke Ltd

Industry/Product: Capital Equipment for Powder Handling. Serving blue chip clients, mainly in the food and chemical industries.

Individual Name and Title: Colin Arlott , General Manager

What roles did Handley James recruit for you?
Head of Operations; Head of Finance and Admin; and Technical Manager

Why did you select Handley James?
Initially based on meeting Natalie and Peter at a Manufacturers Alliance seminar and also on the recommendation of Gary at the MA. For second and third roles - based on their performance for us.

How well did they get to know your business and what you do/how you work?
Both Natalie and Peter have taken the time to understand our business quite well by visiting and asking a lot of questions.

How successful have the placements been?
All three have been in the last 9 months and have been very successful. The most recent even being closed during the lockdown.

How has the candidate impacted your business?
The more senior roles have helped me build a much more balanced and effective senior leadership team.

What would you say are the top 3 elements of the Handley James service that stood out for you?
All candidates we have interviewed have been thoroughly vetted and ended up with a positive view of both Handley James, and most importantly, of our company. HJ seem to have a good sense of the type of person who will fit into our company culture. They keep you informed, but without being too pushy.

Would you recommend Handley James?
Yes, with no hesitation. (Indeed I already have!)

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