July 27

Client Case Study: Platinum Stairlifts

July 27

Company Name: Platinum Stairlifts Ltd

Industry/Product: Design, manufacture and distribution of stairlifts

Individual Name and Title: Marcus Green, Chief Financial Officer

What was the role that Handley James recruited for?
Continuous Improvement Lead

Why did you select Handley James?
Previous work they had done on other roles and a referral from NorthEdge Capital

How well did Handley James get to know your business and what you do/how you work?
Very well. They took the time to visit the business and understand the culture of the business and its ways of workings. They developed in depth relationships with a number of the senior management team

How successful was the placement?
Individual achieved significant success early on in role with identified production improvements giving rise to increased capacity and through-put

How has the candidate impacted your business?
The candidate has achieved success with direct and tangible improvements in productivity and manufacturing output. Moreover, he has contributed to a significant amount of learning on the part of production staff around what is possible and the positive impact of changes in the way of working. This has been enabled by the personality of the individual and his ability to build successful relationships with front line production staff. This performance has led to a promotion and a wider responsibility supporting the change journey Platinum continues to be on.

What would you say are the top 3 elements of the Handley James service that stood out for you?
1 – Understanding of our business
2 – Experience of manufacturing and the journey undertaken by Platinum to improve its manufacturing capability
3 – Communication and progress updates

Would you recommend Handley James?
Yes no hesitation

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