April 21

Finding the Right Talent for Senior Roles in Chemical Engineering

April 21

Recruiting for senior roles in chemical engineering is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of the industry and the right skills and experience to find the best fit. It takes more than just a job description to get it right. That’s why partnering with specialists like ourselves can make the whole process easier. 

This month we’ve exhibited at the popular Chem Expo in Birmingham, meeting a whole bunch of experts and pioneers in the chemical field. We thrive on meeting new people and understanding what their workforce needs. 

What qualities to look for when hiring senior staff in chemical engineering

  • Education vs experience
  • Level of regulations onsite and the importance of this knowledge/experience
  • Growing the talent pool internally 
  • Commercial knowledge
  • Ability to empower collegues
  • H+S knowledge and experience
  • Implementation of process 
  • Identifying route cause and confidence to offer solutions 
  • Previous success stories
  • Previous stories which were not successful yet lessons were learnt from this
  • What do they want for their future? Do these plans align with your business?

What are the benefits of having Handley James as recruitment partners?

  • Over 30 years’ combined experience 
  • Specialists in the chemical sector 
  • Down-to-earth without compromising on expertise

Finding the right candidate for a senior position in chemical engineering can be a challenging task. With the right sourcing strategies driven by Handley James, employers identify and recruit qualified candidates that add value to their business.

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