July 8

Greater Manchester’s Manufacturing Evolution: The Skills Needed to Thrive

July 8

Greater Manchester's Manufacturing Evolution: The Skills Needed to Thrive

Greater Manchester's manufacturing sector is evolving rapidly. As new technologies reshape the industry, the demand for skilled workers with both technical expertise and soft skills is soaring.

Essential Skills in Demand:

  • Digital Skills: Proficiency in automation and data analysis is essential.
  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking: The ability to adapt and innovate is highly valued.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Teamwork and effective communication are crucial.
  • Technical Expertise: Specialisations in advanced manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management are in high demand.

Upskilling the Workforce

Greater Manchester is actively addressing the skills gap through initiatives like apprenticeships, skills bootcamps, and industry-led training programmes. These programmes equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed in the evolving manufacturing landscape.

Handley James: Your Partner in Talent

At Handley James, we're committed to supporting Greater Manchester's manufacturing growth. We understand the challenges facing the sector and specialise in connecting businesses with the right talent to drive their success. Whether you're seeking senior-level roles or building a skilled team, we can help you navigate the recruitment process.

A Bright Future for Manufacturing

Greater Manchester is poised to lead the way in manufacturing innovation. By investing in upskilling and partnering with specialist recruiters like Handley James, businesses can secure the talent needed to drive growth and success.

Ready to take the next step? Contact Handley James today to learn how we can help you shape the future of manufacturing in Greater Manchester.

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