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June 6

1st February 2016 – HJC Launch – A Big Thank You to Our Competitors!!!

June 6
Thank you Blog I think what surprised Peter and I when we launched HJC was how much support we received from our peers across the Recruitment industry. Having worked in manufacturing recruitment for many years we already have such a strong network of contacts across manufacturers and recruiters but we were genuinely astounded by the encouragement and positive feedback we received. I know that fellow recruiters can often be quite judgmental of each other and in the past there has definitely been a very unhealthy culture across the industry. However, I need to highlight that I really feel that this is changing and as a Director in the recruitment sector I have definitely had nothing but support from my peers. A number of colleagues in competitive and non-competing recruitment organisations proactively contacted us to support the new venture. We received some absolutely invaluable advice from a number of other recruitment directors as well as the opportunity to operate cross functionally with these businesses. Both Peter and I were genuinely grateful for the snippets of advice that we received and we were able to launch HJC with some real wisdom in our business plan from the learnings of others. We received some great recommendations in terms of support functions and other operational advantages. A number of Recruitment Directors imparted such useful advice to us, in terms of things to be aware of and pitfalls to avoid, which gave us a distinct advantage in the launch of HJC. Of course we knew what we wanted to achieve and had mapped an intrinsic business plan for the next 1 – 5 years but the knowledge that our peer group was willing to share was truly invaluable to us. As everyone is aware…the recruitment industry is massively competitive and doesn’t always have the best reputation, but during the planning and launch period of HJC I can only express gratitude and pride in relation to our profession. As our generation of Recruitment Directors now launch our own businesses, and there are such a great number of us just in the North West, not to mention our peers across the rest of the UK. I can distinctly feel how our industry is evolving and the opportunity we have to work together, cohesively, to progress our industry and move away from the reputation that some of our predecessors created for us. We have a real opportunity to alter the perception that our industry has and this is already taking place through our numerous break away recruitment business that offer modern, consultative yet down to earth recruitment services to the different industries we supply into. Let’s ensure that we continue to evolve, progress and sustain these positive changes as we all grow our businesses.
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