February 29

How to Choose the Right Recruiter to Help Your Manufacturing Company Grow 

February 29

Finding the right people to join your manufacturing company is essential to its growth and success. Experienced recruiters help you identify and hire the right people to grow your team's skill sets. They can provide you with a comprehensive recruitment solution that includes job postings, candidate sourcing, interviewing, reference checks, onboarding, and more. 

1. Assess What You Need from Your Recruiter 

Clarity, honesty, a clear process to follow, regular updates, market analysis, help with onboarding and retention? 

2. Seek Out an Engineering and Manufacturing Recruitment Specialist 

Handley James have worked in the industry collectivley for over 50 years. We get to know your business so you feel like we are an extension of your business. We want to know the reason behind the recrutiment and we want to know you! This will allow us to find suitable candidates who are working towards the same goal with a similar mentality.  

3. Do Your Research on the Best Recruiters in Your Area 

Speak to people, ask for recommendations. Who did they use, was it a good experience? Did they feel the company got to know them and gave them the insight they needed? Ask from a candidates perspective also, was the process clear, was the consultancy helpful? 

4. Ask for Recommendations from Your Peers in Engineering and Manufacturing 

“Natalie has provided a fantastic candidate experience all of the way through the process. From the initial discussions everything has been extremely professional - fully detailed specifications and briefs, comprehensive preparation before each interview and full feedback immediately after. I would highly recommend Natalie and the team at Handley James and look forward to working with them in the future.” 

With an experienced team of recruiters on board, you can rest assured that you will have access to a pool of qualified individuals who are ready to take up new roles in your manufacturing company and drive the growth you are looking for. 

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