January 31

How to promote better mental health at work

January 31

Why is workplace mental health so important?

We have spoken a lot about mental health within the workplace at Handley James and covered some of these topics at a recent workshop with The Manufacturing Alliance and it is something we always want to learn more ourselves whilst vocalising this within the Manufacturing business’ we work with.

It is so important because of the time spent at work, the relationships between co-workers and essentially your own mental health will affect your ability to work on some level so we always want to know how we can improve this and taking onboard feedback from clients and candidates of how their companies are helping to address certain issues.

How to create a healthy workplace culture

●      Normalise mental health discussions

This is no longer a taboo subject! Discussing issues and feelings with your colleagues is beneficial. If you are struggling speak up, it is highly likely that someone may have experienced similar feelings and may also know some coping mechanisms.

●      Take a break

How many times have you thought in the morning “I just need a day off”? Speak to your employer. We can all feel overwhelmed some days. You know your body better than anyone else and if you’re feeling this way you should remove yourself from the situation. Even if it is just getting away from your desk and going for a quick walk, making a brew. You must take time out to collect yourself again.

It is not failure to need a break.

●      Check in with yourself on a regular basis

We are all becoming more and more aware of the term “self-care” but do you actively do it? Whatever your happy place is, be it playing the radio loud on the way home from work, reading a book, going for a run. Have you taken 2 minutes this week to think if you are ok?

●      Check in with co-workers

Co-workers a lot of the time are also friends. Have you spoken to them? Are they ok? In all our lives there are moments of chaos and overwhelming issues that seem to occupy every waking moment but speaking to others can help, helping others could also help you.

●      Turn off and disconnect

Answering work emails at 9pm is sometimes the norm but it is ok to allow yourself time to disconnect. Having a family weekend? Turn your out of office on and let people know you will be back soon and will respond at this point. When most people send an email out of hours, they normally don’t expect a response until the next day so don’t feel obliged to let your home life take full priority at times.

Mental health is something we are constantly learning about as we’re all different, have different worries and tolerances. We want everyone to feel comfortable enough to work in a mature environment where these issues can be openly discussed. - Follow us on LinkedIn for more workplace tips.

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