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September 15

Linked In OR Linked Out

September 15
Quite a pertinent subject at the moment...especially if you utilise the platform proactively. A common issue for a lot of people, is that LinkedIn is turning into a more "personal" social media platform rather than one that is purely business related. Now, we completely appreciate this view, however, in this current day and age we utilise social media constantly and our view is that a balance can be achieved. We spend most of our lives at work and if something happens to our family or friends then we may feel the need to reach out or feel proud enough to promote such things to those associated with us. Is there anything really wrong with this? At times there feels like there is a real lack of tolerance for anything personal being posted on Linked In. We think everyone needs to relax a little and if you feel that strongly about it, why don't you remove yourself from it altogether. Just as certain people do from Facebook. If you are passionate about the subject then remove yourself altogether. I have not heard of one instance where this has occurred…have you? The fact of the matter is, Linked In is an amazing platform to network with people and keep in contact on a passive basis. When we launched HJC we drew a lot of strength from some of the DMs we received through Linked In, equally there have been many occasions when both candidates and clients have reconnected through linked which has led to some very fortuitous results. With over 2000 contacts in your network and when following over 600 or so companies and being part of 30 + groups, it is inevitable that at times you are going to observe articles and posts that are not to your personal taste. Frankly we think it is great to see a passionate, yet respectful debate on Linked In. It is interesting to understand people’s different views.
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