December 12

Manufacturing Industry Trends for 2023

December 12

The manufacturing industry in the UK continued to grow in 2022, with economic uncertainty for 2023, we looked at 5 key trends to help companies remain competitive

1.     Salary Benchmarking

Do you know what your competitors are paying?

When we talk about salaries in recent years it really is now more of a life package that people are looking for. Have you looked at what you discussed during their interview, remember they mentioned they coached a sports team on a Thursday night, would it help them feel valued more that you could offer an early finish on this day, so they didn’t need to rush? It may not seem a big thing but to this individual it could mean the world. It could also be the reason they accept your offer and not the other one they have been given.

2.     Adapting to the climate

How are you supporting staff in the cost-of-living crisis?

We know that every single person has been affected with the cost-of-living crisis right now and some more than others. Did you as a company look at this and find ways of supporting your staff through this time? These are the things that your staff are going to speak about to their friends and family. This is the reputation of the business and how it cares for its staff, it may also attract new talent in the future.

Knowing that someone from the business has money issues and has just told you that their boiler broke over the weekend… Can you help? Can you reward their loyalty?

3.     Supply Chain

How secure is your supply chain?

Supply chain is a question you an inevitably going to be asked about during your interview and we know most companies are having issues of some kind with supply chain. Do you know your supply chain? Do you know what your constraints and bottlenecks are?

Counter to this, do you want to know how the candidate could strengthen your supply chain and what information could you gain from them to improve your own situation with new ideas.

4.     Sustainability

Do you consider sustainability in your company's growth?

This is a question we see more and more and is becoming a main consideration when candidates are seeking new roles. They want to be a part of a forward thinking, progressive company who are also considerate of their environment. If they are thinking about it, have you? If you have is it something you discuss at interview or even advertise about yourself?

5. Hybrid Working

Does your company offer hybrid or flexible working?

We know some companies with manufacturing are unable to do this due to the working environment. In spite of this companies have reduced to a 4 day week, introduced more shifts, offered more annual leave.

The aim is to create a mature working environment where the employee feels like they can approach to ask if they can see their child’s nativity and this not be considered an issue for them to take an hour out of work to be a part of these cherished moments. We work with clients to create bespoke packages which makes the candidate feel considered and offers a direct work/home life which they are needing based on their own personal situation.

Working closely with manufacturing companies, it’s important to be aware of industry trends that could impact future growth and recruitment decisions. By working with Handley James, we ensure a seamless recruitment strategy that drives team growth and powers companies through people.

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