December 12

Manufacturing Skills Boost for Greater Manchester

December 12

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has allocated £548,000 in funding through the Department for Education to enable three providers to deliver training in manufacturing skills as part of a broader skills bootcamp scheme.

Some of the training courses which are being offered include 3D CAD design and Fabrication training, these are skills which we look for in the Manufacturing industry daily. Our clients want to see new talent who are self-starters by seeking out these learning programs for themselves and showing potential future employers that they are keen and willing to learn in order to progress their careers.

When we see local training programs available such as this we always speak to our clients about them and know this is something which has been needed locally for quite some time and something we are all very excited about.

Investment in the borough’s manufacturing skills will help companies, new talent and the local economy in the long run. We’re excited to see the knock-on effect this scheme has in the coming year.

What do you think of the manufacturing skills boost program?

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