March 29

Mums, working from home and staying sane

March 29

Last week we decided that the responsible thing for our team to do is to work from home. This is relatively easy for a recruitment business, to be fair, and we all had our own set-up anyway. So working from home isn’t ‘difficult’ as such, BUT at the moment it is challenging.

We have 3 mums in our management team - bloody good ones might I add. Now, these 3 women are going to have to balance working from home, with home schooling and/or keeping toddlers entertained. This is no easy task at all. Trust me, I’ve witnessed it on conference call and on Zoom. The glue incident was particularly funny for me but not for the relevant mum. (Oops.)  

Not only are they trying to keep on top of work but, more importantly, they’re trying to stay sane.

We have suggested they plan their day in their shared diaries and include the activities with their kids in that plan. That way, the rest of us won’t disturb them during that time, and we all understand what each other’s priorities are at those specific times.

We completely appreciate the fact that productivity is going to drop over the next 3 weeks – that’s just a fact of life. We have the rest of the year to make up for it.

Our very small suggestion has actually been effective and has completely taken the pressure off these 3 members of our team, at an already difficult time.

I think, at this strange time we are in, it’s important for us to be as understanding of each other, each other’s priorities, and especially of each other’s family situation.

Now is not the time to be setting unrealistic targets and trying to ensure that people are still 100% productive when not in the office. It’s a time when we need to support each other and do the best we can given this unusual set of circumstances.

How understanding and supportive is your company being? We’d appreciate any further suggestions that you might have to help us support our working mums.

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