July 8

Overcoming the Engineering Skills Shortage: A Manufacturer’s Guide to Effective Recruitment

July 8

The UK manufacturing industry faces a critical challenge: a shortage of skilled engineers. With an estimated 173,000 vacancies, competition for top talent is fierce. This has led to extended hiring processes and wasted resources as companies grapple with a high volume of unsuitable applicants.

The Solution: Targeted Job Adverts

The key to attracting qualified candidates is a well-crafted job advert. Clearly outline the role's responsibilities, required technical and soft skills, and the specific technologies involved. Showcase your company culture and benefits to appeal to engineers who align with your values.

Remember, your advert should do more than just inform – it should entice. Detail the types of projects candidates will work on and the opportunities for growth and development within your company. Clearly state the salary and benefits to attract top talent.

Partnering with Specialist Recruiters

Navigating the complexities of the engineering job market can be daunting. A specialist recruitment agency like Handley James can be your shortcut to success. We have extensive industry knowledge and a vast network of qualified engineering professionals.

We offer a tailored approach, starting with an in-depth needs analysis to understand your unique requirements. We then proactively search for candidates, thoroughly screen and assess them, and provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new hire.

Transform Your Recruitment Process

By refining your job adverts and partnering with a specialist recruiter, you can overcome the engineering skills shortage. Attract top talent, reduce unsuitable applicants, and streamline your hiring process. Contact Handley James today to discover how we can help you build a high-performing engineering team.

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