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August 4

Post Brexit Britain OR Positive Change

August 4
The week of Brexit we had won 4 major new contracts that offered a number of roles in different disciplines in SME manufacturers across the North West and Midlands. We were genuinely concerned, especially as a new business ourselves, that this decision would affect us. We questioned our very survival and waited tentatively for clients to withdraw roles and contracts. The following week we contacted clients and candidates to assess the views and feelings of those we knew well and whose opinions were sought after. Each conversation increased in positivity and the manufacturing community resonated with a truly "can do" attitude and a new sense of purpose. Of course there will be changes and at times things may feel uncomfortable but with this new found “Made In Britain” positivity, we are confident that this will prove to be a progressive change for us all. Change often feels uncomfortable and awkward but that is the only way our businesses will evolve and our country will progress further. From an export point of view we will be able to achieve a competitive edge against some of our European counterparts. In terms of those manufacturers who import their raw materials, yes there is going to be some change that needs to occur, but change is what we need to push us out of our comfort zone and into the next stage or our development. Our clients are excited, we are excited…are you excited about the Post Brexit Future?
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