April 4

Danielle Green

April 4

My Story

So I’m Danielle… HI!!! I think im your typical “I don’t know what to do with my life” kind of girl. Failed miserably at GCSE’s due to my love of chatting rather than learning, repeated a year, dropped out of my A-Levels to get an apprenticeship in Business Administration. I then realized I was missing out on university life so applied for a foundation course and eventually got a degree in Journalism (2:1 I may add – see the love of chatting was working for me). I got a Graduate position working alongside Natalie and Peter in recruitment which was amazing! Going to sites looking at how cars, aeroplanes, plastic bottles were made was so fun I felt like I was in a real-life episode of Come Outside (hello 90’s kids). Plus the added bonus of chatting to new people daily. I continued to use my two skills of chatting and organisation to work successfully in an Account Manager and Sales position and achieved some big goals. In the middle of all of this I have bought a house, met my fiancé, had an amazing daughter (who reminds me more and more of myself daily) had a few little adventures to tick off the bucket list and of course I am about to get married.    

My Handley James

I joined the team in January 2022 after struggling with finding a good work/life balance. I have remained friends with Natalie and Peter for the 7 years since last working with them and knew that having a young family themselves they would understand the ties and pulls of life. My role as a Recruitment Support Consultant makes me the first call you will have from Handley James. I speak to all of our candidates and we go through a qualification process to see if the role is a suitable fit for everyone involved. I work closely with Natalie, Peter and Stuart to learn about their roles, clients and candidates to try and find the best matches for all parties. I also get to pick up Jessica from nursery most days which is utterly life changing. For me really not her, she would much prefer her Grandma pick her up with a milkshake in hand daily.  

Our Handley James

We are open, honest and transparent about our whole process and truly have a different feel to other recruitment consultancies. Each of us have our own unique skill set and we have Managers who are happy to put these to good use. There is no competition here we all have one goal in mind and we’re going to have some fun achieving it.    

3 words to describe Handley James

Fun, Family, Ambitious
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